The Hot 100

BOSTON'S IN the midst of a heat wave the likes of which it's never seen. But this kind of warmth doesn't respond to even the most heavy-duty air conditioners. And why would we want it to? It's our fine city's most innovative restaurateurs, fashionistas, and trendsetters who've been boosting temperatures this year — and we've compiled our annual list of the 100 conversation topics, trends, obsessions, and ideas that we think are most likely to spontaneously combust. For the first time, our list even includes 10 local notables weighing in on what's hot in their worlds these days. So read on — but with such extreme temperatures, we suggest you have a cold drink nearby.

Hot Home Entertainer: The BRIX Mix

It's happened to the best of us: friends are on their way over in a few hours and the liquor cabinet looks like it hasn't been replenished since, um, never. You thumb through a cocktail book before you scoot to the liquor store, but choosing the evening's drink seems about as easy as buying a car. But a quick visit to BRIX Wine Shop (1284 Washington Street, Boston, 617.542.2749) and your problems vanish like ice on a hot summer day. Owners Carri Wroblewski and Klaudia Mally introduced the monthly BRIX Mix in February. The packaged mix includes full-sized bottles of ingredients to make the month's featured cocktail, and a scroll that includes the recipe and a brief history of the libation's origin. The inaugural drink was the rye-based Brooklyn cocktail ($65), but a different classic cocktail moves into the spotlight each month (after it's unveiled at the store's "Thirsty Thursday" event on the first Thursday of every month).