Best Wine Shop

When was the last time someone rushed to open the door for you as you entered a wine shop and then invited you to partake of some Pinot Noir from crystal stemware, as opposed to a plastic cup? If your answer is "never," then you haven't been to this service-oriented South End wine emporium. Staffers offer expert but unpretentious wine advice and tailor an eclectic inventory to patrons'—as opposed to their own—tastes, with the understanding that for every person who loves Champagne there's someone who prefers prosecco.

Owners Carri Wroblewski and Klaudia Mally are best friends whose relationship was born from the fruit of the vine: They met when Wroblewski was working at a local wine store and Mally was her customer. Since opening in December, their stylish shop, which hosts weekly wine tastings at its 10-foot granite tasting table and has a natural cork floor, has impressed demanding oenophiles with its varied array of unusual and hard-to-find wines. On select Mondays, the owners host bartenders and chefs, who pair their mixological and culinary creations with selections from the store's impressive cellars. Finally, a shop that elevates the act of selecting a wine into as much of an art form as making it.