Scene Stealers

There's no place like SoWa on a weeknight. Between jockeying with suburban couples at Stella and fighting the bar crowd at Toro, a whole night could go by before you've ever had a drink.

Skip the sobering scene and find your way to a more potent affair: Brix by Night. The hipper-than-most wine shop is known for its stellar selection and outrageous tastings. And now they've introduced an educational after-hours shindig.

Owners Carri Wroblewski and Klaudia Mally are inviting their favorite winemakers and cocktail buffs to walk guests through a tasting of six to eight wine and spirits selections in a classroom-like setting. But this is no ordinary academic gathering. Topics range from 15-year-old Barolos to how to sip scotch. And as the night goes on, the party gets livelier.

So instead of chasing the scene, you can make it come to you.